InterComputer Revolutionizes Secure Internet Communications

ICN™ is The Private Internet™, Isolated from the World Wide Web and Its Security Flaws

ICN or InterComputer Network is a proprietary internet-based messaging network that does not intermix with the world wide web or email protocols, effectively eliminating all web and email cybercrime. ICN is compatible and interoperable with all operating systems, computers and mobile devices. This network is a private internet within which all manner of information and fund transfers can be controlled with full end-to-end security and is the only system completely insured against cybercrime. InterComputer has designed and developed the world’s first professional, industrial strength internet network for commercial use.

Products & Services


PrivateLine on ICN™

Performs browser-like functions for the InterComputer Network (ICN) and includes PrivateLine tMail and Desktop Productivity Tools


Enterprise Businesschain™

Full Digital InterOperability between Organizations Leveraging Legacy Systems in Any Industry



PrivateLine™ Payments

Send and Receive Money in Real-time with Immediate Funds Availability via a PrivateLine Connection to Your Bank


Enterprise Businesschain Payments™

Secure, Real-time, Reconciled Clearing and Settlement between Banks with Legal Finality


Mobile Platform Support

Android and iOS Apps Integrate Comprehensively with IC IOS™ Security Features and Interoperate Across Platforms