The most powerful cybersecurity product on the market.

Ready to insulate your data against cybercrime and malware?


ICN MEDICAL uses seven layers of technological protection to guard your PHI. This patented technology also facilitates information flow between you and trusted business partners while insuring your business from the high costs of data breach.

Our product secures all sensitive patient data within your EHR, facilitating care coordination for improved patient outcomes, enhanced patient safety, and reduced healthcare delivery costs. It also protects data in revenue cycle management, enhancing efficiency, while protecting all patient data. It’s the only cyber-security platform that offers secure and insured solutions that proactively protect all patient data.

ICN is underwritten and insured for any data in transit or at rest while on ICN. It is the only cybercrime insurance of its kind. ICN patented technology was designed and built using a strict, risk-evaluated methodology which employs the internet to transport data in a unique and profound way. Its ICN MEDICAL™ application protects clinics, hospitals, and their trusted business partners from attacks, ranging from hacking to malware and ransomware, protection of workstations, laptops and mobile devices, and prevention of phishing through multilayered digital authority provision.

Medical records include family history, demographic data, insurance information, medical diagnoses and treatment, prescription data. Cybercriminals can commit crimes ranging from medication robbery and financial fraud, to identity theft.