End-to-end, audited data backup — without the security risks

Ready to insulate your data against cybercrime and malware?


ICN operates on the internet but not the web. Big difference. Many organizations, small and large are backing-up critical data over the web or web-based cloud. Organizations be they small business, medium or large enterprise can back-up their data using the ubiquitous internet over ICN. 

Backing up your data to ICN via ICN Backup is the sure way – to be certain. Certainty means that only those people who have authority to backup or retrieve backed up data can do so. Certain also means that the data is backed up from the source and cannot be changed, altered or manipulated. Full audit trails of “who” did “what” and “when” are always available.  Web browsers and web cybercriminals cannot get in the middle and steal data, or use their many tactics to get into organizations through web connections. 

Using ICN Backup means that all data is continuously monitored from end-to-end to verify certainty. Abuse detection and potential abuse detection and ICN’s Microburst Tunneling™ ensure that data is kept safe in transit anywhere on the globe over ICN. 

ICN uses many layers of software and encryption protection including strong, enhanced X.509vs digital certificates for both identity and authority. As such, when using PrivateLine Backup your organization and employees are safe. But you will also be covered under ICN’s unique eComprehensive insurance which provides coverage against cybercrime while data is transferred on the internet using ICN, anywhere in the world.

In 2013, the U.S. Patent Office granted ICN patent no. 8,380,622 for “Secure Electronic Payments with Reconcilable Finality”