ICN Private Line™

InterComputer Revolutionizes Internet Communications

The web was developed to share information universally — not to secure it.

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Embrace the NEW secure internet through ICN’s insured products.



When security and insurability come together, anything is possible for your business.

Diagon™ DENTAL
Protect critical patient data from any ransomware, malware or data theft attacks

Secure your patients’ health information at rest and facilitate information transfer within your healthcare network and with trusted business partners

Insulate medical devices from man-in-the-middle attacks


Most people think the web is synonymous with the internet.

In reality, the web runs on the internet, but the internet is not the web.

InterComputer has designed and developed the world’s first professional, industrial-strength internet network for commercial use.

ICN — the InterComputer Network — is a proprietary internet-based messaging network that does not intermix with the world wide web or email protocols. effectively eliminating all web and email cybercrime.

Our technology is compatible and interoperable with all operating systems, computers and mobile devices. Our network acts as the Private Internet, making data and fund transfers with full, end-to-end security.

We're also the only system that is completely insured against cybercrime.

How does it work? ICN is an insured, secure, multi-layered TCP/IP platform that never touches the world wide web, enabling trusted digital interoperability between disparate computing systems.

The web was designed to share information universally, with no security considerations. ICN was designed and built according to a strict risk-evaluated methodology with security considered at every point.

Looking to protect your company from web and email cybercrime?