Full identity and authority cross-validation exchange for enterprise

Ready to insulate your data against cybercrime and malware?


ICN PrivateDrive is used by the InterComputer InterOperating System within a single enterprise or internal secure messaging function. The organization can span the globe, a specific country or have more than one location. 

Organizational use of PrivateDrive enables full identity and authority cross validation exchange within the enterprise at any location. It enables existing legacy apps to function with the full privacy and security the IC IOS enables. The low-cost internet becomes a powerful transfer mechanism with the IC IOS and without the threat of web-based cybercrime.

PrivateDrive can secure information stored in databases with full activity monitoring, protected by the IC IOS. Executives, boards and managers can view “who” in the organization can do “what” with respect to any application which utilizes the IC IOS.

When information, content, personal data, or any form of transaction must be kept private, InterComputer’s PrivateDrive on ICN™ is the only service capable of delivering this privacy with insured security.