PrivateSites on ICN™

Publish and administer a fully functional site without the risks inherent on the world wide web

Ready to insulate your data against cybercrime and malware?


InterComputer’s PrivateSites on ICN™ solution enables registered IC IOS users to publish and administer the functional equivalent of a traditional WWW website without any exposure to the WWW’s inherent security risks. Companies can use their private site in lieu of websites when transactions and information must remain private and secure.

PrivateSites on ICN makes full use of the fast and inexpensive features of the ubiquitous TCP/IP connectivity while entirely avoiding the long-compromised and inherently unsafe protocols World Wide Web. ICN PrivateSites are “clean”, meaning they are insured free of any user’s presence, program, or data that is not specifically authorized by the site owner and/or their expressly authorized representatives.

PrivateSites owners maintain complete control over the use or sale of site content and functionality free from cybercrime.


When information, content, personal data, or any form of transaction must be kept private, InterComputer’s PrivateSite on ICN™ is the only service capable of delivering this privacy with insured security.