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Absolute Security, Privacy and Trust

Unmatched InterOperability with Solid Identities, Authorities and Cross Validation Exchange Within and Between Organizations

Ready to isolate your data against cybercrime and malware?


ICN Elevates 21st Century Computing "Above the Cloud"

The internet and World Wide Web (“Web”) were designed to share information, not secure it. No amount of money can be spent which will fix it. Enormous amounts of money are consumed to try to use the web as a medium for E-commerce and critical purposes which it was not designed to do.  Consequently, all systems deployed on the web are continually vulnerable and too often exploited. There is no certainty, continuous audit, or unambiguous trust on the Web. Mission critical applications cannot rely on it.

The internet needs a new advancement in technology. ICN has taken the work of the inventors of the internet and enhanced the TCP/IP switching protocol and added several layers of protection around it which includes encryption, but does not rely on it. Encryption alone as a security measure is hiding data, not securing it.

ICN drives up internet security and privacy to the highest level of effectiveness, while driving down web-security costs to zero for every application migrated to or running on ICN. Our technology increases enterprise productivity more than the Web cloud can provide and at a far lower total cost.

Why switch from the web to ICN?

  • No more web cybercrime worries.
  • No more email cybercrime worries.
  • No more worries about technological insider threats.
  • Clean, fully auditable transactions.
  • Uncontaminated, trusted internet interoperability with absolute certainty.
  • All nodes on the network are superior and of equivalent strength.
  • The purity of ICN guarantees safe, reliable internet connectivity at all times.
  • ICN services all industries and consumer applications.
  • ICN is so effective, it is the only company to have been underwritten against cybercrime while data is in transit or in storage, anywhere on the internet on ICN.

Mobile Platform Support

Android and iOS apps integrate comprehensively with IC IOS™ security features and interoperate across platforms and industries.

Even as companies continue to make digital communication and commerce easier to use and more widely available, the mobile and desktop technologies used to access legacy systems are inherently unsafe and cybercriminals are taking full advantage of that fact. It’s an absolute nightmare for any company that has been victimized by cybercrime: unhappy customers, big legal and regulatory expenses, and public relations disasters.

ICN is the foundation for standardized digital commerce, communication, and collaboration.