ICN Overview

When it comes to World Wide Web security and privacy, the only winning move is not to play the game.

Ready to insulate your data against cybercrime and malware?


ICN Elevates 21st Century Computing "Above the Cloud"

The World Wide Web, cloud computing, and open source software will never be able to deliver adequate online security as cybercrime continues to flourish. It will also illustrate how a new, purpose-built, patented, and commercially proven solution is the digital foundation for insured online security into the 21st century. Every industry that relies on the safe electronic handling of money and high-value information, such as banking, healthcare, insurance, government agencies, etc., will need this next generation technology.

What is the IC IOS?

The InterComputer InterOperating System, or IC IOS (PrivateLine), employs several major layers of technological protection and user cross-validation exchange to deliver fully insured, end-to-end electronic messaging transactions with full regulatory compliance over a standard Internet connection on PCs, tablets, and smartphones. The IC IOS does not use the risk-laden World Wide Web. Cloud computing based on web protocols is shadowy, dark and uncertain. You do not know if your data is shared, copied, altered or stored safely. There are always risks with cybercrime and there is no accountability. Clear computing with the IC IOS is the only safe way to ensure your data can be used, viewed and stored by those entities and people it is intended for, and no one else. Your data is fully auditable from end-to-end. It is also insured-secure against cybercrime whether in transit between entities, or within large organizations, or whether it is at rest. Clear computing is full visibility of all your private data with peace of mind.

The IC IOS provides superior nodes of equal strength for superior interoperability.


Mobile Platform Support

Android and iOS apps integrate comprehensively with IC IOS™ security features and interoperate across platforms and industries

Even as companies continue to make digital communication and commerce easier to use and more widely available, the mobile and desktop technologies used to access legacy systems are inherently unsafe and cybercriminals are taking full advantage of that fact. It’s an absolute nightmare for any company that has been victimized by cybercrime: unhappy customers, big legal and regulatory expenses, and public relations disasters.

The good news is that the fully insured security of PrivateLine™ extends to its usage on both popular smartphone platforms, Android and iOS. Smartphone users can securely exchange information with their vendors, customers, banks, insurance companies, healthcare providers, government agencies, etc.

ICN is the foundation for standardized digital commerce, communication, and collaboration.